Ursula Baatz, Vienna (Austria). Intercultural philosopher,

author and journalist with a special interest in Buddhist-

Christian encounter, mindfulness coach.

Lieven Boeve, Prof of Systematic Theology, Catholic Uni of

Leuven (Belgium). Research interest: dialogue, difference and

Catholic identity in the context of a post-Christian and postsecular


Jørn Borup, Ass Prof and Head of Department at the Department

of Religion, Univ. of Aarhus (Denmark). Research

interest: Buddhism, interreligious encounter, multireligiosity.

Jamie Cresswell, Vice President of the European Buddhist

Union, Director of the Centre for Applied Buddhism, member of

the European Council of Religious Leaders, trustee of Religions

for Peace – UK, member of the Soka Gakkai International.

Martin Baumann, Prof for the Study of Religions at the

Univ. of Lucerne (Switzerland). Special interest in immigration

and religion, public space, diaspora studies, and

Hindu and Buddhist traditions in the West.

Rupert Gethin, Prof of Buddhist Studies in the Department

of Theology and Religious Studies and codirector of the

Centre for Buddhist Studies at the Univ. of Bristol (UK).

President of the Pali Text Society and a practising Buddhist

in the Theravada tradition.

Kurt Gakuro Krammer, Magister, Head of the Institute for

the Study of Buddhism and Dialogue of Religions, Salzburg

(Austria) and a Buddhist practitioner in the Zen tradition.

He is a board-member of conveners for the network “Buddhist

Teachers in Europe”.

Inken Prohl, Prof of Religious Studies, Head of Department,

Institute for Religious Studies, Univ. of Heidelberg

(Germany). Special research interest in Japanese Buddhism

and transformations of Buddhism in modernity.

Carola Roloff (Ven. Jampa Tsedroen), Prof of Buddhism,

Academy of World Religions, Univ. of Hamburg (Germany).

Special research interests: Gender and religion,

Buddhism and modern society, interreligious dialogue.

Martin Rötting, Ass Prof of Religious Studies, Univ. of

Salzburg (Austria), Chair of OCCURSO Institute for

interreligious and intercultural encounter e.V., Secretary of

the Network. Specialized in Buddhist-Christian dialogue,

issues of religious identity in a multireligious world.

Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Prof of Religious Studies and

Intercultural Theology, Univ. of Muenster (Germany),

Chair of the Network. Specialized in inter-faith studies,

Buddhist-Christian encounter, Indian Buddhism.

Natalie Watson, PhD from Univ. of Durham (UK), writer,

theologian and long-term editor in the field of theology,

religious studies, international relations, Asian studies,

geopolitics and security.





Ort: St. Virgil, Salzburg, Austria



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